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                Brief Introduction

                Laizhou Hengli Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 due to the customer needs as the purchase & consulting group. We have a great experience on the Chinese market for almost 20 years. We have been working for the TOP players on the world market so our back ground is perfect. We sell our products to West & East Europe, US, Korea, Japan and we are working to get the customers from all over the world. We are a group of excellent technicians and experts, who are devoted to the research and development of all requested spare parts for our customers.
                Many companies have experienced communication already with ordering and purchasing product from China but not being face-to-face with the supplier as we are.

                Changing suppliers also has been proven to be a labor-intensive and costly activity. Receiving wrong samples, unclear communication, quality issues and production delays are daily issues the purchase manager is facing. At the end, the once so attractive low purchasing price becomes has been vanished to a costly problem. 
                Due to Hengli years of experience on the Chinese market, many relationships and purchasing channels have been well established already. The fulfillment of the ongoing demand of input in relationships from our network belongs to our daily activities.

                We offer high quality services, such as supply guarantees, quality checks and status reports, logistic support and tailor made-packaging and work cost-efficient.

                Doing business with Hengli means a cost-saving advantage for your organization.
                You have 1 communication channel and a high variety of high quality products with attractive delivery terms & conditions.

                Our advantages are:

                • Security
                • Quality Control
                • Perfect service
                • Easy and direct communication
                • Years of experience in China
                • Economy of scale
                • Tailor made branding possibilities at low volumes

                There are several product groups we are researching like f.e.: clutches, hydraulic, engine parts, starters & alternators, suspension parts, filters, wheel bearings / hubs, cv joints, shafts, radiators, condensers, heaters, brake pads, brake discs & drums for the passenger, commercial cars as well as the truck and trailers. The Hengli company has introduced many suppliers from China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand etc. , which are operated by outstanding managers and technicians, so as to ensure our professional production, sales and service. Most of them are the OEM and OES producers.

                Honesty, sincerity and equality are our principle; confidence, tenacity and devotion are our spirit. We believe that each of our efforts and new suppliers will bring you new feelings. Hengli is well positioned to create a bright future with you.
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